Jelly Beans PREORDER Extras Sampler

Scent: Sampler

Each sampler contains 8 Bundts. 1  Bundt in each of the following scents. Each  Bundt weighs on average 2.5 oz but can vary. These are approx weights only. 

  1. Peeps Yellow Cake Jelly Beans
  2. Fresh Picked Strawberry Lemon Sugar Jelly Beans
  3. Huckleberry Jelly Beans Cotton Candy Frosted Cuppy Cakes
  4. Jelly Beans Satsuma Whipped Cream
  5. Skittles Jelly Beans Raspberry Whip
  6. Jelly Beans Wildberry Mousse Waffle Cone
  7. Bubble Gum Jelly Beans Serendipity
  8. Booberry Jelly Beans Blueberry Muffin