Spice Scent Shot Sampler RTS

Scent: Sampler

Scent Shots weigh approx 1.5 oz depending on the oils used and can vary slightly. Scent Shots come in a heavy duty PolyPro Plastic Container for safe wax storage. We recommend cutting each scent shot in half and melting no more than half in a warmer at a time. Too much wax can make the scent throw weaker

8 Scent Shots Each Sampler $14.00

  • A Lifetime Holiday Movie- Spiced Plum Cinnamon Sticks Red Hot Cinnamon Candies (NEW BLEND)
  • Ebenezer - Cinnamon Pinecones and Buttered Rum
  • Harry & the Hendersons - Vanilla Balsam Waffle Cone Cinnamon Sticks
  • Home for the Holidays - Caramel pear eggnog and cinnamon
  • Return of the Mummy- Brown Sugar Pound Cake Whipped Cream Cinnamon Sticks
  • Samantha Stevens - Fresh Baked Cinnamon Red Hot Cookies
  • Séance - Red Hot Cinnamon Candies Pumpkin Seeds Oud and a hint of Smoked Vanilla
  • Sorting Hat - Smells like Breakfast in the great hall! Sweet Apple Cinnamon Pecan Waffles and Rich Vanilla Syrup