Suntan Lotion Scent Shot Sampler RTS

Scent: Sampler

Scent Shots weigh approx 1.5 oz depending on the oils used and can vary slightly. Scent Shots come in a heavy duty PolyPro Plastic Container for safe wax storage. We recommend cutting each scent shot in half and melting no more than half in a warmer at a time. Too much wax can make the scent throw weaker

8 Scent Shots Each Sampler $14.00

  • Bum Bum Cream Suntan Lotion Pistachio Coconut Fluff (OMG AMAZING!)
  • Coppertone Golden Sands Pina Colada
  • Driftwood Bonfire Bliss Bobbi Beach Type
  • Hawaiian Tropic Banana Cabana
  • Moonlight Beach Bonfire (Formerly known as our version of Beach Nights type) Copper Coconut Bobbi Beach Type
  • Salty Sea Air Coppertone Lord of the Mermaids (Ocean Mist Agave Nectar Coconut Milk Sea Grass Citrus Vetiver and a hint Of Patchouli Sandalwood)
  • Samba Fruit Hawaiian Tropic Type
  • Suntan Lotion Sea Minerals Chlorine