Scents: Salt Water Mermaid

Each sampler contains 8 Chunks Bundts. 1 Chunky Bundt in each of the following scents. Each chunky Bundt weighs on average 3 oz but can vary. These are approx weights only.

Salt Water Mermaid Sampler

  1. Salt Water Mermaid Fizzy Soda
  2. Salt Water Mermaid Pear Soda Pop
  3. Salt Water Mermaid LegoTastic (LegoTastic- Starfruit Mango, Mango Sorbet)
  4. Salt Water Mermaid Aquaman (Aquaman-Ocean Waves and Sea Breezes)
  5. Salt Water Mermaid Hawaiian Breeze
  6. Salt Water Mermaid Light House (Light House- Sea Air, White Musk, Lavender, Cashmere, Amber, Tonka, Cedar and Plum)
  7. Salt Water Mermaid Seaside Serenity Vanilla Lace
  8. Salt Water Mermaid Evenings in the Hamptons Ozone


Cookie Therapy Sampler

  1. Christmas Cookie Therapy- Eggnog, Cookie Therapy and a hint of gingerbread
  2. Summer Cookie Therapy- Fresh Picked Strawberries, Sugar Crystals Cookie Therapy
  3. Late night Cookie therapy- Cookie Therapy Blueberries & sweet cream
  4. Camping Cookie Therapy- Toasted Mallos, Graham Crackers, Cookie Therapy and a hint of hot cocoa
  5. The whole Cookie jar therapy- Cookie therapy Sugar Cookie Dough, Pink Frosted Animal Cookies
  6. Bad Breakup Cookie Therapy- Who needed them anyways Cookie Therapy Danish Butter Cookies Lemon Cream
  7. Movie Night Cookie Therapy- Cookie Therapy Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle Cone and powdered donuts
  8. Easter Cookie Therapy- Peeps Cookie Therapy Rice Crispy Treats and a hint of sugared lilacs