FAQ Returns and TAT

What kind of wax do you have?
Our Waxes are an in-house blend of Paraffin and Soy. We use several different waxes to create what we feel is the ultimate blend. It holds color well, it is a great texture to hold up well to shipping and the scent throw is off the charts!

Do you combine shipping and/or have free shipping?

As long as the names on both or all of the orders match exactly we will combine shipping for you. There is no code to use. Shipping overages are refunded once the orders are packed up and ready to ship out. Orders $250 and over do qualify for free shipping. One order MUST be $250 or over in order for all the orders shipping together to be free shipping. To clarify it is not a combine order total of $250 it is a SINGLE order must be $250 or up and any shipping on additional orders of any value that ship in the same shipment will be refunded.

Can I cancel my order?

We understand things may arise after you have placed your order that require you cancel it. We are happy to do so however we have a nonnegotiable 10% restocking fee. We have to pay labor to restock your items and it helps cover the cost of the fees we paid for your order. Please keep this in mind when you place your order.

Do you offer Returns?

Unfortunately we do not offer returns at this time. We understand scent is subjective and not everyone will like every scent. Please refer to our scent list and house blends list for a breakdown of what each scent smells like before you order.

What warmer works best for your wax?
We have formulated our wax to work well in most different types of warmers but we have found that 24 watt hot plates or tea light melters offer the strongest scent throw. Please note AC and fans can and will effect your scent throw as well as the layout of your house. You may need to add more melters for optimal performance.

How long does your wax need to cure?
We recommend 2 weeks cure time. The longer it sits the better it gets.

Your bags do not have that crinkle. Are they safe to keep my wax in?
Yes!! All of our packaging is Polypropylene. No need to repack your wax when it gets to you. The only exception to this is bags that may contain individually packed wax like the samplers and sample bags. In those cases the wax is packaged in the safe packaging and other decorative bags are used to keep the wax all together. Those decorative bags are not wax safe and should not ever be used to contain your wax without individual packaging. 

What is the the Turn Around Time, also known as TAT?
RTS items will ship within 7 business days. Please note weekends and holidays are not considered business days. Customs and Preorders take quite a long time to make and can have a much longer TAT.  Our Tat for customs and preorders is ALWAYS listed on the product listing, home page and our social media pages. Please take this into consideration before ordering. Please do not email us asking for updates. We always post updates and never extend past out TAT. 

I have a question. What is the best way to get ahold of someone?
Questions comments and concerns can get sent to customerservice@L3waxywonders.com Please understand that we work business hours (Monday through Friday) 10-4 and will not reply to emails over the weekends. 

My tracking shows delivered but I never got it.
Unfortunately porch pirates are common these days. We have zero control over packages once they leave our hands. USPS does have insurance on priority mail packages however rarely do they ever honor it for items marked as delivered. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for stolen items. If an order shows lost in transit we are happy to help you file a claim or file it on your behalf. If a package is stolen from your home we can not reship it at our cost. If theft is common in your area please consider having your orders shipped to a post office box or asking us to mark hold for pick up at your post office.

I am pretty sure the website over charged me shipping. Will you refund it?
I sure will. The website does it's best to determine how much shipping is required but in the case it does over charge I will refund the difference of anything more than a dollar. Please see our shipping information for more details.