L3 was born out of Jennifer's love of all things geeky and wanting to have a good smelling home. Having children and dogs made the good smelling home part difficult. Jennifer started playing around with scented wax melts and candles testing various wax blends and hundreds of fragrances. Finally about 8 months later in July of 2013 L3 opened for business. Originally L3 started in Jennifer's kitchen with a single double boiler and expanded to several larger locations and industrial sized equipment trying to keep up with demand. L3 opened it's first Storefront in December 2017 out in Junction City Oregon. And in February of 2018 expanded the storefront to a full blown boutique. 

The name for L3 came from Jennifer's three children whose names all start with the letter L. Jennifer being an accounting major thought the name L to the third power would be cute.  However most people just refer to us as L3. 

L3 online offers wax melts of various different shapes and forms in both custom and ready to ship as well as bath and body products 

Contact us at customerservice@L3waxywonders.com