Restock & Updates

Christmas Unlimited Preorders Estimated TAT is 12/9/2022 and as always if we finish early we will ship early.


Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
Our Black Friday sale starts WEDNESDAY 11-23-22 10am Pacific Time restock and Clammie Sale Buy 4 get 1 FREE Ends Friday night at Midnight.
Small Business Saturday ONLY Loaves Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Starts 12:01am Ends Midnight
Cyber Monday will be announced the night prior on Sunday evening

Black Friday Restock List is below

Puppy Pack

  1. Apple Cinnamon Zucchini Bread
  2. Blueberry Cheesecake Blueberry Muffin Cream Cheese Frosting Waffle Cone Sugared Lemon
  3. Pretzel Zucchini Bread
  4. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale
  5. Pumpkin Sugared Donuts Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale
  6. Roasted Pine Cones Palo Santo Pink Sugar
  7. Santa’s Sleigh Ride-Brandied Pear Cranberry Pomegranate
  8. Strawberry Buttermilk Pie-Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust
  9. Sweet Potato Pie Toasted Mallo


Large Ornaments

  1. Calypso Sun Buttermilk Pie-Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust
  2. Key Lime Pie Mrs. Doubtfire-Lemon Cream Pie Coconut Cream Pie Cream Cheese Frosting


4 Pack Fluted Tarts

  1. Banana Nut Bread Banana Nutmeg Pudding Strawberry Jam Peanut Butter
  2. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Birthday Cake
  3. Bridezilla-Watermelon Lemonade Satsumas and Sangria Watermelon lemonade
  4. Camp Crystal Lake-Sea Kelp Driftwood Sea moss and leaves
  5. Campfire Mallo Santa’s On Keto Sugared Shortbread-Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies
  6. Coffee Bean Blueberry Flapjacks Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Strawberry Jam Glazed Donuts
  7. Cupboard Under the Stairs Strawberry Kolachies
  8. Dolly Made Me Do It Pistachio Pudding Cake-Strawberry cotton candy strawberry white cake marshmallow and crunchy cereal pieces
  9. Hay Leaves Mac Apple Cinnamon Sticks
  10. Ivory Cedar Patchouli Cinnamon Sticks
  11. Leaves Hay Woodsmoke Dirt
  12. October Vibes-Candy Corn Marshmallow Birthday Cake Sugar Cookie Royale 
  13. Pink Frosted Cake Strawberry Buttercream Waffle Cone
  14. Predator-Leaves Palo Santo Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  15. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Espresso Sugar Cookie Royale
  16. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Today Is Oct 3rd Cranberry Marmalade-Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Toasted Mallo
  17. Serendipity Danish Butter Cookies Coconut Cream Pie Yellow Cake
  18. Strawberry Cheesecake Sweet 16 Zucchini Bread-This scent is so good it is perfect for any girls sweet 16. Very heavy creamy bakery cake
  19. Tobacco Dark Knight Bay Rum Egyptian Amber Coconut Milk
  20. Winter Snooze Rosemary Mint (Icy peppermint herbal lavender chamomile)
  21. Zucchini Bread Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Sugar Cookie Royale


2 Pack Bundts

  1. Holiday Road-  Mistletoe Cranberry Marmalade and Orange zest
  2. Kettle Corn Butter Brickle Sweet Cream Oatmeal Cookies
  3. Mellow Jello Salad-  Blue Raspberry Jello Satsuma Cherry and Fresh picked Strawberries
  4. Once Upon A Dream-Fresh Cut Grass Watermelon Fresh Picked Strawberries
  5. Pistachio Pudding Cake Butter Pecan Kolachies Cream Cheese Frosting
  6. Power Of The Babe- Raspberry Lemonade Watermelon Lemonade Lemon Sugar
  7. Reindeer Nose Sally-Cherry Vanilla Gooey Marshmallow & Sugar Cookies Spun vanilla Sugar Pecan Bars Pie Crust and Vanilla Ice Cream
  8. Spearmint White Tea & Ginger
  9. White Elephant Exchange-Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting
  10. White Tea Gingered Bergamot



Clammmies Scent List A-J

  1. 8 Crazy Nights - blackberry jelly fried dough and a hint of campfire smoke
  2. 9 ¾- Leather Suit Cases After Shave and Vanilla Oak
  3. Accio- French Vanilla Lace
  4. Apple Cider
  5. Apple Cinnamon
  6. Apple Cinnamon Sticks
  7. Aslan - Cashmere Twilight Woods and Sweater Weather (Warm Cozy scent so incredible)
  8. Aunt Bethanie’s Dessert Surprise- Vanilla Crème Brule waffle cone and Sweet Sugared Corn Pudding
  9. Aunt’s Jam Filled Jelly Rolls- Strawberry Jam whipped cream cheese powdered sugar and vanilla pound cake
  10. Bad Santa- Tobacco Bourbon & Vanilla Shaving Cream and Woolen Blanke
  11. Beauty Sleep-  Lavender Cream Blueberries and Cream Cuppy Cake
  12. Blue Christmas - Twisted Peppermint Blue Sugar Vanilla Oak
  13. Bonfire Bliss
  14. Boogie Be Gone Peppermint
  15. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
  16. Buttermilk Pie-  Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust
  17. Buttermint Spearmint Vanilla Buttercream
  18. Café C (Coffee scent)
  19. Café C Spiced Oatmilk
  20. Can’t Catch Me - Gingerbread Brown Sugar Pound Cake Caramelized Pralines
  21. Candy Cane Forest - Candy Cane/Serendipity/ Ice Cream Scoop Bread
  22. Candy Cane Mallo Cranberry
  23. Cat Nap- Sweet Lavender Fresh Picked Raspberries Mint Sprig and Iced Tea
  24. Champagne Toast Type
  25. Chasing Fireflies-  Pink Sugar Lavender Mallo Fluff
  26. Chilly Hippy - Boogie Be Gone and Sweet Lavender
  27. Christmas Tree Topper -Crunch berry crisp butter cookies
  28. Christmas Vacation-  Cinnamon sugar green apples B-day cake
  29. Cider Lane
  30. Coffee Bean
  31. Cookie Crack-  Pink Frosted Animal Cookies Sugar Cookie Dough Whipped Cream
  32. Cookie Therapy-  Santa’s on Keto Pretzel Sugared Shortbread
  33. Cousin Eddie’s RV-  Candy Canes Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies
  34. Cranberry
  35. Cranberry Apple
  36. Cranberry Woods
  37. Diet Starts Monday-  Cotton Candy Frosting Sugar Cookie Royale Santa’s on Keto Sugared Shortbread
  38. Finkelstein’s Lab- Frosty Fizzy Bubbly Cherries blonde moment and mountain dew soda
  39. Dragons Blood Palo Santo (Frances’ Favorite)
  40. Dream Weaver-  Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
  41. Dreidel Dreidel - fresh baked bread cinnamon sugar Danish butter cookies
  42. Edmund the Just - Spun Sugar and Turkish Delight (Apricot Lemon Orange and Confectioners’ Sugar)
  43. Eggnog
  44. Elfing Around - Cotton Candy Frosting jet puffed Mallo Rice crispy treats
  45. Escape Room/Frosty’s Freeze (Peppermint Whipped Cream Sugar Cookie Royale Buttermints Candy Cane Vanilla buttercream)
  46. Espresso
  47. Flannel Type
  48. Fra Gee Lay - Frosted Juniper & Cranberry
  49. Frasier Fir Cinnamon Sticks Toasted Mallo
  50. Fruit Loop Cheesecake
  51. Fruit Loops Zucchini Bread (Renzo’s Favorite)
  52. Gingerbread
  53. Glowing Glaciers - Blueberry Mint Lemon Sugar
  54. Goodnight Moon-  Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake
  55. Grindlewald-  Vanilla Beans Crème Brulee Adipose
  56. Griswold Family Christmas-  Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies and Butterscotch icing
  57. Gryffindor- Fireside Mahogany and woolen blankets
  58. Hap Hap Happiest Christmas-  Maple Walnut Fudge Chestnuts and Brown Sugar and frothy holiday beverages
  59. Hazelnut Coffee
  60. Hello Frosty - Vanilla Bean Noel Cupcakes at Tiffanies Peppermint
  61. Hermione- Orange Cranberry Muffins and a hint of books
  62. Hippogriff- Pumpkin Cookies Marshmallow Smoothies
  63. Holiday Woods Candy Cane White Elephant Exchange
  64. Holiday Woods- Peppermints Vanilla and a hint of Fir trees. Don’t be scared by this scent. It is great!
  65. Holly jolly- spiced orange pound cake with cream cheese frosting
  66. Hot Apple Pie
  67. Hufflepuff- Fresh Baked Cookies Sweet Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Pasties
  68. I Put A Spell On You- Cinnamon Sugar (Not Spicy cinnamon) French Baguettes with our top secret bakery bomb blend
  69. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas- Adipose Sugar cookies candy cane
  70. Ice Palace - Peppermint Lemon Marshmallow Fluff
  71. Iceberg on the Rocks -Salty Sea Air/Spearmint
  72. Jack the Pumpkin King - Pumpkin Milkshakes waffle cones and vanilla hazelnut
  73. Joy to the World- The Olive Branch (type) warm vanilla sugar & sandalwood

Clammies Scent List L-Z

  1. Laverne’s Pie Stand- Green Apple Pie Crust Cinnamon Sugar Sugar Cookie
  2. Lemon Fluff Pie
  3. Lighting the Menorah - strawberry jam filled donuts topped with icing and a sprinkle of sugar on top
  4. Lollipops
  5. Luna- Soothing Lavender Let Them Eat Cake Warm Vanilla Sugar
  6. Mahogany Teakwood
  7. Mallo Fireside
  8. Mint Oreo Pie
  9. Moose Mug-  Eggnog Buttered Rum and Frangelico
  10. Morpheus-  Herbal Lavender Cucumber Honeydew and Whipped Cream
  11. Mrs Potts-Earl Grey Tea and Cakes
  12. Mulled Cider
  13. Night Before Christmas - Fresh Baked Bread Butterscotch and Butterbrickle
  14. Nyx- Sweet Lavender Cotton Candy Frosted Cuppy Cakes Spearmint
  15. Oogie Boogie - Fluffy key lime cupcakes with buttercream whipped topping and candied limes
  16. Orange Chiffon Cake Iced Cinnamon Rolls
  17. Orange Vanilla Coffee
  18. Palo Santo
  19. Palo Santo Buttercream Frosting Mallo Fireside
  20. Peppermint Cotton Candy Sugar Cookie
  21. Peppermint Mocha Whipped Cream
  22. Peppermint Sugar Cookie Royale
  23. Peter the Magnificent - Peppermint White Velvet Bow (So amazing!) White velvet bow is Jasmine white poppy yuzu zest white poinsettias and white velvet musk
  24. Phoenix- Fireball Cinnamon Caramel Apples and Funnel Cake
  25. Pink Frosted Cake
  26. Pink Sugar Pie Crust Buttermilk Pie (Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust)
  27. Plum Tart
  28. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Birthday Cake
  29. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Hufflepuff
  30. Pyramid Head- Toasty Warm Bonfire Hay bales and Pine trees
  31. Red Bottoms-  Jet Puff Mallo Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale Wildberry Mousse Raspberry
  32. Roasted Coffee
  33. Sally - Spun vanilla Sugar Pecan Bars Pie Crust and Vanilla Ice Cream
  34. Sandy Claws - Eggnog vanilla marshmallow smoothies
  35. Santa’s Helpers -Candy Cane Cotton Candy VBN
  36. Santa’s On Keto-  Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies
  37. Saturday Morning Cartoons- a combination of all our favorite cereals and milk
  38. Scrooged- Hot Orange Danish Kettle Corn Raspberry Zinger
  39. Shamrock Shake
  40. Sled Lubricant-  Peppermint Mint Ice Cream Noel
  41. Slytherin- Clean Steel Peppermint and Pheromones
  42. Snape- Absinthe Cardamom Blue Sugar
  43. Snooze Button-  Sweet Lavender Vanilla Bean Noel Buttermints
  44. Snow Bunny- Pink Sugar Spearmint Buttercream
  45. Snowed In - Eucalyptus/Fuzzy Socks and Hoodies
  46. Sparkling Snow -Rosemary Mint/ Peppermint
  47. Starry Night-  Strawberry White Cake Sugar Cookie and Sweet Lavender
  48. Sticky Fingers - Elf sweat candy cane and marshmallow
  49. Strawberry Kolachies- Sweet Strawberry glaze flaky buttery pastries
  50. Strawberry Pound Cake
  51. Sugar Cookie Eggnog Vanilla Buttercream
  52. Sugar Cookie Royale
  53. Sugared Spruce
  54. Sunset Silhouette-  Lavender Cream Hello Lover Cotton Candy Frosting
  55. Susan the Gentle - Soothing Lavender Birthday Cake and Strawberry Jam
  56. The Cupboard Under The Stairs-  A Special Birthday Cake made up of Strawberry Cream and Crushed Nilla Wafers
  57. The First Frost - Spearmint Blackberry Jam
  58. Thesteral- Death and Decay Lush Type (Rose Jasmine and Ylang) hint of leather and violets (It sounds scary but the blend is actually very sweet and good!)
  59. Tinsel Tree
  60. Today Is Oct 3rd- Palo Santo Toasted Mallo Sugar Cookie Royale
  61. Tree CATastrophy-  Red Hot Candies and Marshmallow Smoothie
  62. Triple Berry Pie
  63. Ugly Sweater Party- sweater weather vanilla oak & a hint of bourbon
  64. Up Past Midnight - Pink Sugar Peppermint Sugar Cookie Brown Sugar
  65. Vanilla Butter Fudge
  66. Vanilla Icicles - Vanilla Peppermint Fudge (Not chocolate scent)
  67. When Santa’s Away the Elves will Play - frosty fizzy bubbly bubblegum candy cane and mulberry
  68. White Elephant Exchange- Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting
  69. White Witch - Winterfresh Blue Sugar Whipped Cream
  70. Winter Warlock- Adipose Peppermint Bite Me
  71. You Go Glenn Coco-  Cocoa Butter Cashmere Cashmere Cedar Today is Oct 3rd
  72. Zucchini Bread
  73. Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale Whipped Cream


Trig Tarts

  1. Blue Spruce
  2. Buttermints
  3. Candy Cane
  4. Danish Butter Cookies
  5. Eggnog
  6. Mistletoe
  7. Peppermint
  8. Pine
  9. Toasted Mallo
  10. Twisted Peppermint
  11. Whole Vanilla Beans
  12. Winter Wonderland
  13. Wood Smoke


B-Lux Bath & Body Black Friday Items!!!

All Stocking Stuffer sizes!!!

Cuticle Pens.

  1. Jack Frost- Peppermint Vanilla Bean Noel
  2. Reindeer Nose-Cherry Vanilla Gooey Marshmallow & Sugar Cookies
  3. Santa’s On Keto Candy Cane-Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies


Sugar & Shea Scrubs 2oz by volume

  1. Elf Sweat
  2. Sled Lubricant- Peppermint Mint Ice Cream Noel
  3. Santa's Cocoa Cup-Hot Cocoa Whipped Cream and a Hint of Candy Cane.
  4. Twisted Candy Cane


Shimmer Sugar Scrubs 2oz by volume

  1. Sleigh Rides-Winter Candy Apple Peppermint Sweater Weather
  2. Gingerbread & Chai
  3. Snow fairy
  4. Dream Weaver- Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread


Body Butter 2oz by volume

  1. Date night with Santa-Ozone Rainstorm Peppermint
  2. Sweet On Paris White Elephant Exchange-Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting
  3. Zucchini Bread Fruit Loops
  4. Drums of Autumn-Fallen Leaves Flakey Pie Crust and Bakery Bomb


Body Mists 4oz by volume

  1. Grandma's Christmas Kitchen-Oatmeal Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Hot Cocoa and Whipped Cream
  2. Mistletoe & Holly- Mistletoe Cranberry Vanilla Bean Noel Toasted Mallo
  3. Presents Under The Tree- Pink Sugar Pink Chiffon Peppermint and a hint of Pine
  4. Cream Cheese Frosted Sugar Cookies with Crumbled Candy Cane


Goddess Bath Soak-Single use 3oz by weight

  1. Dream Weaver- Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
  2. Merry Grinchmas-Toasted Pistachio Cookies Cranberries Mallo Fluff
  3. Miracle on 34th street- White woods Vanilla Lace and Golden Amber
  4. Mrs. Clauses Night Off- Buttered Rum Capp Vanilla Cookies Pistachio Coconut Fluff
  5. Goodnight Moon- Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake


Dry Oil 4oz by volume

  1. Christmas At The Beach-Blackberry Boardwalk Mallo Clouds Salty Sea Air Peppermint
  2. Christmas Sparkler- Fresh Pear and Tart Cranberry Sparkling Champagne
  3. Cosmos- Earl Grey tea Soothing Lavender Sugared Violet petals and Lemon slices
  4. Fall Festivities- Today is Oct 3rd Mac Apple Leaves
  5. Goodnight Moon- Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake
  6. Let It Go- Cotton Candy Spearmint Vanilla Bean Noel
  7. White Elephant Exchange- Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting


1oz Perfume Sale Price $15.00


  1. Black Sugar by Aquolina
  2. Pink Sugar by Aquolina
  3. Blue Sugar by Aquolina
  4. Today is Oct 3rd - Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Toasted Mallo
  5. Ashley -Pink Frosted Cakes
  6. Boardwalk Mallo Clouds by Bath & Body Works
  7. Kristy -Baccarat Rouge 540 Bum Bum Cream Type
  8. Michelle -Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Lavender Buttermints
  9. Pink Malibu-Boardwalk Mallo Clouds Sugar Cookie Royale Pink Sugar
  10. K’s Bakery-Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Birthday Cake Sugar Cookie Royale
  11. Jozi-Vanilla Oak Vanilla Birch Mallo Fireside