Restock & Updates

Ready To Ship Restock 6-18-21 10 am Pacific Time

6/18/2021 Restock List. This will get updated often so be sure to check back


Trig Tarts $3.10

  1. 1000 Kisses
  2. Aladdin’s Abu Banana
  3. Apple Cinnamon
  4. Bahama Fizz
  5. Banana
  6. Banana Bread
  7. Black Cherry Merlot
  8. Black Lace
  9. Black Raspberry Vanilla
  10. Black Tea
  11. Blackberry Frankincense
  12. Blackberry Tangerine
  13. Blue Agave Cacao JM Type
  14. Blueberry Cobbler
  15. Blueberry Slushy
  16. Blushing Peaches
  17. Brandied Pear
  18. Cactus Sea Salt
  19. Calypso Sun
  20. Candy Corn
  21. Caribbean Escape
  22. Cashmere Petals
  23. Cherry Lemonade
  24. Cherry Slushy
  25. Christmas Cabernet
  26. Coconut Shortbread Cookies
  27. Confetti Sprinkles
  28. Exotic Silk
  29. Febreeze Hawaiian Aloha Type
  30. Fig & Rhubarb
  31. Flap Jacks
  32. Flying Fox Lush Type
  33. Freesia
  34. Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles
  35. Golden Oaks
  36. Grandpa’s Pipe
  37. Grape Airheads Type
  38. Graphite Type
  39. Hawaiian Island
  40. Honey Lavender Gelato
  41. Honey Pear Cider
  42. Huckleberry Sugar Blossom
  43. Juicy Watermelon Taffy
  44. Key Lime Pie
  45. Lavender Driftwood
  46. Lemon Chiffon
  47. Lemon Verbena
  48. Lily Lemon Drop
  49. Magical Unicorn Pops
  50. Mango Coconut Cooler
  51. Monkey Farts
  52. Moroccan Mint
  53. Oak & Red Currant JM Type
  54. Ocean Breeze
  55. Orange Blossom
  56. Peach Cobbler
  57. Pink Gumdrops
  58. Pucker
  59. Rain Water
  60. Raspberry Lemonade
  61. Rosemary Sage
  62. Samba Fruit
  63. Sea Salt Cocoa Bean
  64. Shea & White Woods
  65. Smores
  66. Sparkling Pear Riesling BBW Type
  67. Sun and Sand Type
  68. Sunshine Passionfruit
  69. Thai Coconut
  70. Tropical Mojito
  71. Tropical Winds
  72. Turquoise Sky
  73. Vanilla Cotton
  74. Vanilla Maple Pecan
  75. Vanilla Orchid Almond
  76. Vanilla Smoothie
  77. Vanillary
  78. Vermont Honey Apple
  79. Watermelon Jolly Rancher
  80. White Jasmine & Mint JM Type
  81. White Nectarine Pink Coral
  82. Yummy Mummy


4 Pack Fluted Tarts $4.40

  1. Snow White’s Slumber)-Snow White’s Downfall mixed with a sweet lavender
  2. Lil Red’s Bountiful Basket)-Butter cookies blueberry muffins and strawberry jam
  3. Belle of the Ball- Lemon Cream Cupcakes/Sweet Coconut/Pineapple
  4. Colors of the Wind- Wildberries/Raspberry Whip/Pomegranate
  5. Once Upon a Dream- Fresh Cut Grass/Watermelon/Fresh Picked Strawberries
  6. Zero to Hero- Dreamsicle/Mango/Blonde Moment
  7. Deville’s Divine Desserts- Birthday Cake with a Godiva Raspberry Truffle filling and a cotton candy frosting
  8. Sea Which- Seattle Rain/Eucalyptus/Lemon
  9. A Pirate’s Life- Pink Sands 1000 kisses lush type and fresh peeled mangos
  10. Off With their Heads-Pink Strawberry Sugar Chiffon and cotton candy
  11. Hero- Fairy Dust and Passionfruit Limeaid
  12. Candy Man Can- Wonka’s iconic candy Runts Laffy Taffy and Sweet tarts
  13. Golden Ticket- Apples and Citrus
  14. Violet You’re Turning Violet- Blueberry Cobbler Pretzels Blackberry Jam
  15. Everlasting Gobstopper- Pixie Sticks Gummy Bears Samba Fruit
  16. Wonkavision- Strawberry Bread Cherry Chip Cake
  17. Loompaland- Satsuma Strawberry Lemon Curd Trix Cereal
  18. Pure imagination- Whipped Raspberry frosting overtop Tart lemon cookies
  19. I want it NOW! - Strawberry Raspberry Guava Blonde Moment Passionfruit Nectarine
  20. Double Bubble Burple Cola- Ginger ale/mountain dew/ Grape Soda
  21. Whoever Heard of a Snozberry- White tea berries and melon
  22. Ficklegruber’s Never Melt Ice Cream- Lavender Blueberry Gelato
  23. Humperdinck- Lord of Misrule Vanilla Bean Noel
  24. Fezzik- Hello Lady! (Hello sugar) Cream Soda and Ambrosia
  25. Dread Pirate Roberts- Tropical Winds White Nectarine Pink Coral Driftwood and Sea Salt
  26. Buttercup- Butter Cream Frosting Toasted Pistachio Cookies and Wildberry Mousse
  27. My name is Inigo Montoya- Pulvinones (Spanish Almond Cookies) Blueberries and Powdered Sugar
  28. Inconceivable! - Trix Tart Lemon and Adipose
  29. If you rush a miracle you get rotten miracles- Lush Death and Decay Type Cactus Sea Salt Pink Sugar
  30. Count Rugen- Stainless Steel Fresh Cut Grass and Blue Sugar
  31. Oz- Cotton Candy Frosting Strawberry Jam and Pina Colada
  32. Lollipop Guild- Lollipops Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers Fruit Punch
  33. Tinman- Rainbow Sherbet Tea and Cakes Serendipity​
  34. I’ll Get You my Pretty- This blend is all green baby. Pistachio Macaroon with a pistachio coconut Mallo fluff center
  35. Scarecrow- Evenings in the Hamptons and Snow White’s Downfall
  36. Glinda- Strawberry Pop Rocks Passionfruit Yuzu and Guava
  37. Flying Monkeys- Banana Bubble Gum Ice Cream
  38. Cowardly Lion- Black Raspberry Mexican Fried Ice Cream and Wildberries
  39. White Witch- Winterfresh Blue Sugar Whipped Cream
  40. Lucy the Valiant- Vanilla Oak Cran Apple
  41. Peter the Magnificent- Peppermint White Velvet Bow (So amazing!) White velvet bow is Jasmine white poppy yuzu zest white poinsettias and white velvet musk 
  42. Edmund the Just- Spun Sugar and Turkish Delight (Apricot Lemon Orange and Confectioners’ Sugar)
  43. Aslan- Cashmere Twilight Woods and Sweater Weather (Warm Cozy scent so incredible)
  44. Rumblebuffin- Pink Sugar Rosemary Mint Amber
  45. Ginarrbrik- Pomegranate Vanilla Wafer Cotton Candy Frosting
  46. Maugrim- Blackberry Brown Sugar Pound Cake Lemon Poppyseed
  47. I’m the Oogie Boogie Man- Fluffy key lime cupcakes with buttercream whipped topping and candied limes
  48. Spiral Hill- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies and Sugared Lemons
  49. Deadly Nightshade- Blackberry Jam Cranberries Strawberry Passion and a hint of something sinister
  50. Susan the Gentle- Soothing Lavender Birthday Cake and Strawberry Jam


  1. Puppy Packs $4.05
  2. Donkey Kong- Pretzel Pink Sugar Butterbrickle and Vanilla Beans
  3. Belle of the Ball- Lemon Cream Cupcakes/Sweet Coconut/Pineapple
  4. Death Note- All the Apple! Sweet Tart and Fresh
  5. Full Metal Alchemist- Salty Sea Air and Stainless Steel
  6. Cake Batter Vanilla Waffle Cone Vanilla Bean Noel
  7. Sweet on Paris Let Them Eat Cake
  8. Cherry Pucker
  9. I put a Spell on You Cranberry marmalade (Cinnamon Sugar (Not Spicy cinnamon) French Baguettes, with our top secret bakery bomb blend)
  10. Beach Nights White Elephant Exchange
  11. Fanta Orange Soda
  12. Blackberry Jam Sugar Cookie Royale
  13. Raspberry Whip Don’t Cross Streams
  14. Yellow Ranger- Lemonade Cherry Limeade and Fizzy Soda
  15. Fat Bottom Girls Hostess Orange Cupcakes (Cupcakes at Tiffanies Don’t Cross Streams and sweet vanilla Spun Sugar Orange Sponge Cake whipped cream and frosting)
  16. Apple Pie White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  17. Mac Apple Fresh Cut Grass Rock Candy
  18. Blueberries & Cream White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  19. Sweet Lavender White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  20. Key Lime Cuppy Cake
  21. Enchanted Pear White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  22. Cry Baby- Lemon Heads candies Toasted Marshmallow and Sugar cookies
  23. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  24. Winter Linen Violet Leaf & Sweet Grass
  25. Hermione- Orange Cranberry Muffins and a hint of books
  26. Cupboard Under the Stairs Pink Frosted Animal Cookies (A Special Birthday Cake made up of Strawberry Cream and Crushed Nilla Wafers)
  27. Blue Hawaiian Watermelon Fizzy Pop
  28. Blue Hawaiian Cotton Candy Pear
  29. Fresh Picked Strawberries Mango Sorbet
  30. Jubilee- Vanilla Ombre Cake Creamy Whipped Cream Frosting and Marshmallow Fluff Center.
  31. Strawberry Pound Cake Maraschino Cherry Pistachio Ice Cream
  32. So Fetch- Strawberry Pound Cake Today is Oct 3rd
  33. Mac Apple Zucchini Bread
  34. Bum Bum Pistachio Ice Cream
  35. Cherry Almond Cuppy Cake
  36. Maraschino Cherry Birthday Cake Vanilla Smoothie
  37. Cotton Candy Craze Grape Soda
  38. Grape Bubble Gum
  39. Espresso Whipped Cream Peppermint Hot Cocoa
  40. Leaves Bakery Bomb Toasted Mallo
  41. Aunt’s Jam Filled Jelly Rolls-Strawberry Jam whipped cream cheese powdered sugar and vanilla pound cake
  42. Lost Cherry TF Type
  43. Peach Waffle Cone
  44. Summer Boardwalk
  45. Strawberry Zucchini Bread Buttercream Cuppy Cake
  46. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Strawberry Pound Cake White Elephant Exchange
  47. Death Parade- Bourbon Strawberry Vanilla
  48. Sunwashed Citrus
  49. Liana’s Lullaby
  50. Nose Burner -Peppermint Boogie Be Gone Winterfresh Eucalyptus and Vanilla
  51. Loopy Apples- Fruit Loops And Apples
  52. Pazuzu - Bonfire Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Apple Cider 
  53. VHS Tapes - Fresh baked Bread Donuts Vanilla Bean Noel Pretzels
  54. Salty Sea Air Pear
  55. Sugared Apple Type
  56. Vanilla Birch
  57. Don’t Cross Streams - Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  58. Lemon Curd Blackberry
  59. Cali Comfort
  60. Maraschino Cherry Cotton Candy Fizzy Soda
  61. Dumbledore’s Army
  62. Supernatural
  63. Blue Sugar Zucchini Bread Warm Vanilla Sugar
  64. Pink Sugar Blue Sugar Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  65. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  66. Rosemary Mint Bum Bum
  67. Berrilicious Kettle Corn Lemon Poppyseed
  68. Light House
  69. Blueberry Honey Lavender Gelato


2 Pack Bundts $4.45

  1. Dole Whip- Sweet and tart, fresh cut pineapple blended with sweet delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream
  2. Strawberry Pound Cake Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  3. Strawberry Pound Cake Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  4. Red Berry Rhubarb
  5. Brown Sugar Pecan Caramel Macchiato
  6. Agave Lime Strawberry Raspberry Guava Fizzy Soda
  7. Maraschino Cherry Watermelon Fizzy Pop
  8. Mountain Dew Blonde Moment Watermelon
  9. Boardwalk Taffy Type
  10. Fizzy Soda Salt Water Mermaid
  11. Pear Soda Pop Salt Water Mermaid
  12. Dun Bonnet- Bonsai French Vanilla and Sugared Violet Petals
  13. Adipose Strawberry Pound Cake Beach Nights
  14. West Coastin- Garnier Fructis Boardwalk Mallo Clouds Berrilicious
  15. Mountain Dew Hawaiian Punch
  16. Pink Mustache- Pink Sugar Pistachio and Savory Bakery
  17. Apple Honey Champagne Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  18. Rosemary Mint Bum Bum
  19. Blueberry Cobbler Coffee Bean Sugar Cookie
  20. Blueberry Pumpkin Spice Latte
  21. Late Night Cookie Therapy- Cookie Therapy Blueberries & sweet cream
  22. Movie Night Cookie Therapy- Cookie Therapy Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle Cone and powdered donuts
  23. Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle Cone Vanilla Bean Noel