Restock & Updates

Restock Dates These dates may change in the future

Preorder Ship by date is May 17th 

4/19 Scoopapalooza

5/3 RTS Restock

5/17 RTS Restock

5/24 Preorder Extras Restock

Not yet Scheduled Loafapalooza likely in early June or End of May

June/ish Halloween Advents

August/ish Christmas Advents


Scoopapalooza 4-19-24 10 am Pacific Time. This list will get updated each business day until the restock so be sure to check back


  1. 7 Mile Beach - Salty Sea Air Coconut Coast Pina Colada
  2. 7 Up Pound Cake Fresh Picked Strawberries
  3. Amaretto Roasted Coffee Sugar Cookie Royale
  4. Amish Quilt Apple Pie Don’t Cross Streams
  5. Amityville - Cashmere Twilight Woods Warm Vanilla Sugar 
  6. Anchors Away - Riverbank Driftwood Sea Salt
  7. Apple Cider Caramel Mac Apple Mallo Fireside
  8. Apricot Preserves Fresh Baked Bread
  9. Aquaman- Ocean Waves and Sea Breezes
  10. Auntie Em - Sugar Milk Blueberry Muffin Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
  11. Avobath
  12. Baccarat Rouge 540
  13. Bad & Boujee- Baccarat Rouge 540 Lord of Misrule Mallo Fireside Tonka Bean
  14. Banana Cream Pie Nilla Wafer Cinnamon Sugar
  15. Barbie Girlz- Pink Sugar Strawberry Pound Cake Pink Sands Vanilla Ice Cream
  16. Bazinga - Pineapple Summer Scoops Cotton Candy Craze Waffle Cone 
  17. Beach Campfire Smores- Beach Nights Smores and Extra Ooey Gooey Toasted Mallo
  18. Beach Nights L3 House Blend Version Strawberry Musk
  19. Beach Sage Mint Boardwalk Mallo Clouds Mallo Fluff
  20. Beauty Sleep - Lavender Cream Blueberries and Cream Cuppy Cake
  21. Beja Flor Cheriosa 68 Type
  22. Bergamot Waters BBW Type
  23. Birthday Cake Zucchini Bread Sugar Cakes Lemon Curd
  24. Bitches at the Beach - Gold Sugar Coconut Coast Coppertone
  25. Black Sea Salt Cypress
  26. Blackberry Bling Mermaid Munchies Satsuma Seattle Rain
  27. Blackberry Boardwalk Mallo Clouds Bum Bum
  28. Blackberry Graveyard Witch- Blackberry Salty Sea Air Granny Smith Apple ooey Gooey Caramel
  29. Blackberry Lemonade Sweet Tea
  30. Blackberry Patchouli
  31. Blackberry Rainstorm Salty Sea Air
  32. Blue Raspberry Icee Cherry Mallo Blow Pops
  33. Blue Sugar
  34. Blue Sugar Beach Nights L3 House Blend Version Palo Santo
  35. Blue Sugar Greek Island Breeze Palo Santo
  36. Blue Volcano Lucky Charms
  37. Blueberries & Cream Lemon Curd Nilla Wafer
  38. Blueberry Muffin Zucchini Bread
  39. Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  40. Boardwalk Taffy Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  41. Boardwalk Taffy Toasted Mallo Cotton Candy Frosting Salty Sea Air
  42. Books
  43. Boston Cream Pie - Brownie Batter Yellow Cake Vanilla Butter Fudge Brown Sugar Pound Cake
  44. Bourbon Strawberry Vanilla BBW Type
  45. Brown Sugar Fig
  46. Brown Sugar Pound Cake Strawberry Pound Cake Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  47. Brownie Batter
  48. Bubble Gum Almost Alice-  Viva la Juicy (Juicy Couture type) with pink berries tonka beans and vanilla. Very fruity sweet blend
  49. Bubble Gum Blue Sugar Cotton Candy Birthday Cake
  50. Bubble Gum Guava Fizzy Pop
  51. Bubble Gum Pink Sugar Fruit Loops
  52. Bum Bum Downy April Fresh
  53. Buttercream Cinnamon Apple Sugar Cookie Royale
  54. Buttercream Frosting Pistachio Pudding Cake
  55. Buttercup - Butter Cream Frosting Toasted Pistachio Cookies and Wildberry Mousse
  56. Café C Santa’s on Keto Toasted Mallo
  57. Café C. Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  58. Cake Batter Frosting Creamy Mallo Pie Crust
  59. Cake Batter Ice Cream Raspberry Cream Cupcakes Angel Food Cake
  60. Camping Cookie Therapy - Toasted Mallos Graham Crackers Cookie Therapy and a hint of hot cocoa
  61. Candyman - Pink Frosted Animal Cookies Maraschino Cherries & Cake Batter
  62. Carnival - Cotton Candy Craze (Blue raspberry cotton candy cotton candy cotton candy frosting) Creamsicle Funnel Cakes
  63. Cat in the Hat-  Rainstorm Blackberry and Marshmallow
  64. Cemetery Soup - Berry Crème Brulé Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Blackberry Jam
  65. Cherry Almond Fresh Baked Bread Buttercream
  66. Cherry Frosted Zucchini Bread
  67. Cherry Mallo Fresh Baked Bread Angel Food Cake
  68. Cherry Pucker
  69. Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Float
  70. Christmas Cakes - Sugar Cookie Royale Pine Birthday Cake
  71. Christmas Crunchies - Candy Canes Danish Butter Cookies Sugar Cookies Mallow Fluff
  72. Cinnamon Sticks Cranberry Marmalade Spiced Plum
  73. Cinnamon Sugar Sugar Cookie Royale Zucchini Bread
  74. Cleaner Than My Mama’s House - Island Fresh Gain Fresh Picked Strawberries Lemon Curd
  75. Cleaning Fairy - Fairy Dust Island Fresh Gain Bonsai
  76. Coconut Lime Verbena Type
  77. CocoNUTS - Coconut Cream Pie Sweet Cream Pistachio Macaroon Vanilla Ice Cream 
  78. Coffee Bean Danish Butter Cookies Vanilla Bean Noel
  79. Coffee Bean Sugar Cookie Royale Vanilla Ice Cream
  80. Coffee Blueberry Cobbler
  81. Coffee House Palo Santo Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  82. Coffee Tiramisu
  83. Coffin Cakes -Butter Pecan Shortbread Caramel Drizzle Mallos Sugar Cookie Royale
  84. Cola Zucchini Bread Vanilla Ice Cream
  85. Confetti Cake Pop Adipose Toasted Mallo
  86. Cookie Crack-  Pink Frosted Animal Cookies Sugar Cookie Dough Whipped Cream
  87. Cookie Therapy - Santa’s on Keto Pretzel Sugared Shortbread
  88. Cookies Under the Tree-  candy canes Frasier fir sugar cookies gingerbread bread
  89. Cotton Candy
  90. Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy Lemon Whip
  91. Cotton Headded Ninny Muggins Serendipity Sugar Milk
  92. Counting ZZZ’s- Pink Sugar Cocoa Butter Cashmere Lavender Mallo
  93. Cozy Fall Nights - Blackberry Cashmere Cedar Sandalwood Toasted Mallo 
  94. Cranberry Chutney Cinnamon Sugar Sugar Cookie Royale
  95. Cranberry Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Cinnamon Sugar
  96. Cream Filled - Our house blend sweet cream Strawberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  97. Cry Baby - Lemon Heads candies Toasted Marshmallow and Sugar cookies
  98. Cupboard Under the Stairs - A Special Birthday Cake made up of Strawberry Cream and Crushed Nilla Wafers
  99. Dammit Janet- Pink Sugar Lemon Sugar Mallo Fluff
  100. Desi & Lucy - Cherry Chip Cake Lemon Poppyseed Muffins and Brown Sugared Cake bites
  101. Dewy Dahlia Black Tea Palo Santo
  102. Diet Starts Monday-  Cotton Candy Frosting Sugar Cookie Royale Santa’s on Keto Sugared Shortbread
  103. Dinna Fash- Orange Juice Cake Orange Sherbet Orange Meringue
  104. Don’t Cross Streams - Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  105. Dragonfly in Amber-  Sweet Lunar Eclipse and Blackberry Amber) Bad
  106. Dream Weaver Today is Oct 3rd – Palo Santo Toasted Mallo Sugar Cookie Royale Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
  107. Dusty Fairy Toes- strong grapefruit orange lemon and lime
  108. Egyptian Amber Bum Bum Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
  109. Emerald City - Baked Granny Smith Apple Pie topped with brown sugar on a pretzel crust
  110. Espresso Coffee House Blueberry Fresh Baked Bread
  111. Eye of Odin - Palo Santo Ozone Chrome Legend Type (Amazing!!!!)
  112. Fat Bottom Girls Santa’s on Keto (Cupcakes at Tiffanies Don’t Cross Streams and Sweet Vanilla Spun Sugar Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies)
  113. Fizzy Pop Salt Water Mermaid
  114. Fluffy Towels Strawberry Sugar Cotton Candy Craze (Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Frosting)
  115. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza - Fanta Orange Soda Frosted Cupcakes Orange Sherbet Vanilla Ice Cream Cups
  116. Fresh Baked Bread Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies
  117. Fresh Baked Bread Fresh Picked Strawberries Vanilla Butter Fudge
  118. Fresh Baked Bread Raspberry Jam
  119. Fresh Cut Grass Clean Breeze Rainstorm
  120. Fresh Cut Roses Bum Bum Warm Vanilla Sugar Dove Soap
  121. Fresh Picked Strawberries Cookie Crack
  122. Fresh Rhubarb
  123. Frosted Banana Cupcakes - Banana Cream Pie Frosted Animal Crackers Vanilla Bean Noel Cuppy Cakes
  124. Fruit Loops Cherry Bubble Gum
  125. Fruit Loops Zucchini Bread White Elephant Exchange Sugar Milk
  126. Garnier Fructis Watermelon Honeydew Melon
  127. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Strawberry Lemon Marshmallow Bars
  128. Graboid - Zucchini Bread Pumpkin Souflee Fried Ice Cream
  129. Grape Pucker
  130. Grass Lilac Salty Sea Air
  131. Green Apple Pucker
  132. Haunted Circus - Pink Frosted Animal Cookies, Deep fried carnival cakes, and sticky Cotton Candy
  133. Hello Lover
  134. Here’s Jenny- Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Pretzel Bakery Bomb
  135. Hibiscus Guava Fresca Copper Coconut Febreeze Hawaiian Aloha Type
  136. High Class Biatch - Baccarat Rouge 540 Cashmere Cedar Vanilla Lace
  137. Horcrux Bum Bum (Sensual Amber Whipped Vanilla Patchouli Pink Orchid and Coconut Milk)
  138. Hot Fudge Brownies Sweet Cream Mocha
  139. I Need a Fucking Vacation - Bum Bum Bobbi Beach Type Mango Coconut Cooler 
  140. I’ll Get You My Pretty- Pistachio Macaroon with a pistachio coconut Mallo fluff center
  141. Ice Cream Party berry Waffle Cone Type
  142. Ice Princess-  Pink Sugar and sweet Peppermint
  143. If These Dolls Could Talk -Fresh Picked Strawberries Cotton Candy and Strawberry White Cake
  144. Jet Puff Mallo Fluff Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer White Cake
  145. Joy To the World-  The Olive Branch (type) warm vanilla sugar & sandalwood
  146. Key Lime Birthday Cake Mallo Fluff
  147. Lantern Tree- Indonesian Teakwood Fig Tree Amber White Vanilla Lace
  148. Lavender Rose Clean Cotton
  149. Lemony Strawberry Snicket-  Lemon Pound Cake Strawberry Pound Cake Lemon Curd Fresh Picked Strawberries
  150. Liana’s Lullaby Fluffy Towels Mallo Fluff
  151. Light House - Sea Air White Musk Lavender Cashmere Amber Tonka Cedar and Plum
  152. Lilith - Crème De Menthe Cake Batter and Buttermint Cream
  153. Lost Cherry Baccarat Rouge 540 Sweet Tobacco
  154. Lost Cherry TF Type
  155. Love Affair-  Warm Vanilla Sugar Shortbread Cookies Zucchini Bread
  156. Lucky Charms
  157. Lucky Charms Banana Cream Pie
  158. Mac Apple
  159. Maneater - Cherry Almond OATmeal Cookies Buttercream Frosting
  160. Mango Coconut Cooler Bum Bum
  161. Mango Sorbet Caribbean Escape Golden Sands
  162. Mango Sorbet Orange Juice Cake
  163. Maraschino Cherry Sweet Cream Danish Butter Cookies
  164. Mayor of Halloween Town - Lord of Misrule Lush Type Lunar Eclipse
  165. Mermaid Bums - Salt Water Mermaid Bum Bum
  166. Moody With a Booty - Bum Bum Cream Georgia Peach Vanilla Ice Cream 
  167. Moonlight Beach Bonfire L3 house blend version of Beach Nights
  168. Night at the Carnival - Kettle Corn Cupcakes at Tiffanies Vanilla Butter Fudge Zucchini Bread
  169. O’ahu-Orange Lemon Lime Violet Pomelo Driftwood Cassis Pineapple Mango Fresh Mountain Greens
  170. Orange Chiffon Cake Vanilla Bean Noel Mallo Fluff
  171. Orange Pucker
  172. Orchid Rain Dragonfly in Amber (Sweet Lunar Eclipse and Blackberry Amber)
  173. Overlook Hotel -Cider Lane Toasted Marshmallows Smokey Fireside
  174. Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel
  175. Patch Adams - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Butterbrickle Blueberry Cobbler
  176. Patchouli Pink Sugar Palo Santo
  177. Peach Nectar Pucker
  178. Peanut Butter & Jelly BBW Type with Fresh Baked Bread
  179. Pear Cashmere Glow Sandalwood
  180. Peppermint Sweet Lavender Sugar Cakes
  181. Peter the Magnificent - Peppermint White Velvet Bow (So amazing!) White velvet bow is Jasmine white poppy yuzu zest white poinsettias and white velvet musk
  182. Pilates I thought you said pie and lattes - Cream Caramel Macchiato Hot Fresh Baked Pie Vanilla Ice Cream
  183. Pineapple Amaretto Birthday Cake
  184. Pineapple Serendipity Blue Hawaiian
  185. Pink Apple Punch Type
  186. Pink Chiffon Pink Sugar Warm Vanilla Sugar
  187. Pink Ranger - Cotton Candy Smoothies and Bubble Gum
  188. Pink Sugar
  189. Pink Sugar Cucumber
  190. Pink Sugar Sugar Cookie Royale Beach Nights L3 House Blend Version
  191. Pistachio Cookies let them eat Cake Cake Batter
  192. Pistachio Pudding Cake Sugar Cakes Vanilla Bean Noel
  193. Pistachio Vanilla Butter Fudge Zucchini Bread
  194. Pleasingly Pumpkin Fresh Baked Bread Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  195. Pomegranate Lemonade Cranberry Peach Vanilla Farmers Market
  196. Pomegranate Noir JM Type
  197. Pumpkin Peanut Brittle Zucchini Bread
  198. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  199. Pumpkin White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  200. Radiant Red Maple
  201. Rainbow Dream- Rainbow Sherbet and Orange Dreamsicle are the blend that will take you into a land or rainbow dreams.
  202. Rainstorm Baja Cactus Blossom
  203. Rainstorm Blackberry Flannel Sheets
  204. Rainstorm Books Black Tea Coffee House
  205. Raspberry Jam Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale
  206. Roasted Coffee White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  207. Salted Caramel Brownie Batter
  208. Salty Sea Air
  209. Santas on Keto-  Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies
  210. Sel de Mer Roasted Pinecones Sugared Spruce
  211. Shaker of Salt- Salty Margaritas
  212. Shamrock Shake- Crème de Menthe Vanilla Ice Cream
  213. Sleigh Queen!- Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Banana Crepes Vanilla Smoothie Bananas Foster
  214. Smoked Cognac Mallo Fireside Sugar Cookie
  215. Snickerdoodle Strawberry Pound Cake
  216. So Fetch-  Strawberry Pound Cake Today is Oct 3rd
  217. Sorting Hat - Smells like Breakfast in the great hall! Sweet Apple Cinnamon Pecan Waffles and Rich Vanilla Syrup
  218. Spiced Honey Tonka Bean Zucchini Bread
  219. Strawberries & Cream Adipose
  220. Strawberry Jam Peanut Butter Zucchini Bread
  221. Strawberry Pound Cake Bum Bum
  222. Strawberry Pound Cake Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  223. Strawberry Pound Cake Pretzel Sugar Cookie Royale
  224. Strawberry Pound Cake Salty Sea Air
  225. Strawberry Pound Cake Sugared Shortbread
  226. Strawberry Pucker
  227. Strawberry Raspberry Guava Strawberry Daquiri Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Yellow Cake
  228. Strawberry Shortcake Pink Frosted Cake Sweet Cream
  229. Strawberry Summer Scoops
  230. Sugar Cakes - Fluffy Yellow Cake Batter with Whole Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting & Crushed Nilla Wafers on top
  231. Sugar Cakes Bartlett Pear Vanilla Lace
  232. Sugared Lavender Twist Strawberry Pound Cake Sugar Cookie Royale
  233. Summer Scoops Strawberry Sugar Birthday Cake Pink Frosted Cake
  234. Summer Scoops Sugar Milk
  235. Summer Scoops Waffle Cone
  236. Sweeney Todd - Shaving Cream Blue Sugar Vanilla Patchouli
  237. Sweet 16 VHS Tapes- Creamy Bakery Fresh baked Bread Donuts Vanilla Bean Noel Pretzels
  238. Sweet lavender Zucchini Bread Vanilla Ice Cream
  239. Sweet on Paris Blackberry Sugared Violets
  240. Sweetie Pie - Pink Frosted Animal Cookies Monster Jam Sugar Cookie Royale
  241. Swimming Pool Blue Hawaiian Bum Bum Bobbie Beach Type
  242. Swimming Pool Fresh Cut Grass Chlorine Watermelon
  243. Swimming Pool Strawberry Soda
  244. Tahitian Vanilla Exotic Coconut
  245. Tangerine Fresh Picked Strawberries Pineapple Sherbet
  246. The Haunted Mortuary- Blue Sugar Books Mallo Fireside Tobacco
  247. The Time is Now- Berry Pound Cake
  248. The Vale - Lunar Eclipse After Shave and Liana's Lullaby 
  249. The Whole Cookie Jar Therapy - Cookie therapy Sugar Cookie Dough Pink Frosted Animal Cookies
  250. Tonks - Pink Sugar Bergamot
  251. Tranquil - Eucalyptus Bamboo Lemongrass
  252. Tropical Pie- Key Lime Coconut Cream Pie Mango Sorbet Vanilla Ice Cream Pie Crust
  253. Tropical Winds Salty Sea Air Vanilla Lace
  254. Twitterpated -Green Apple Jolly Ranchers Gummy Bears Peach Gummy Candies
  255. Vanilla Birch Vanilla Oak Toasted Mallo
  256. Vanilla Lace Let Them Eat Cake Vanilla Bean Noel
  257. VHS Tapes- Fresh baked Bread Donuts Vanilla Bean Noel Pretzels
  258. Watergate Salad- Pistachio jet puff Mallo and crushed pineapple
  259. Watermelon Fluff Honeydew Salty Air
  260. Watermelon Pucker
  261. Watermelon Sugar High - Smells like Strawberries on a summer evening and watermelon spun sugar
  262. Whipped Cream Strawberry Shortcake Blueberry Muffin
  263. White Chocolate Toffee Apple
  264. White Elephant Exchange - Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting
  265. Wild Elderberry Lucky Charms
  266. Wildberry Mousse Vanilla Smoothie Zucchini Bread
  267. Wonkavision - Strawberry Bread Cherry Chip Cake