Restock & Updates

This is the tentative schedule for the duration of the time we are open. Please note we may skip a restock or add in a pop up here or there as time and supplies allow.
5/31/24 Preorder Extra RTS Restock
6/7/24 RTS Restock
6/10/24 Limited Preorders Open
6/14/24 Limited Preorders Close
6/28/24 RTS Restock
7/5/24 Halloween Advents RTS
7/15/24 Looafapalooza
7/26/24 RTS Restock
8/2/24 Shipping for Preorders Starts. Please note this date is estimated and we do reserve the right to change it if we need an additional few days
8/9/24 RTS Restock
8/16/24 Preorder Extras RTS
8/23/24 RTS Restock
8/30/24 Xmas Advents RTS
9/13/24 Final RTS Restock

Loafapalooza 2024 7-15-24 10 am Pacific Time

  1. Adipose Fresh Picked Strawberries Sugar Cakes
  2. Adipose Vanilla Wafers Rice Crispy Treats Banana Cream Pie Whole Vanilla Beans--Jet Puff Mallo Mallo Fluff Toasted Mallo
  3. Almond Macaroon Butter Brickle Poison Apple
  4. Amaretto Gimme All The Carbs-Fresh baked Bread Zucchini Bread Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
  5. Aquaman-Ocean Waves and Sea Breezes
  6. Aunt’s Jam Filled Jelly Rolls-Strawberry Jam whipped cream cheese powdered sugar and vanilla pound cake
  7. Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies Flap Jacks Maple Syrup
  8. Beach Cabana BBW Type Banana
  9. Beach Nights BBW Type
  10. Beach Nights BBW Type Liana’s Lullaby
  11. Beach Sage Mint Lemonade Fresh Picked Strawberries
  12. Beignet Crème Brulee Sugar Cookie Dough Cinnamon Sugar Bear Claws
  13. Belize Tropical Banana Type BBW Type
  14. Berry Lemon Blast Zucchini Bread-Blueberry Meringue Torte Strawberry Jam Lemon Curd Sugared Shortbread
  15. Berrylicious Mallo Fluff Cupcakes At Tiffanies
  16. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure- Mountain Dew Blue Raspberry Cherry Icee
  17. Biolage Type
  18. Bitches at the Beach - Gold Sugar Coconut Coast Coppertone
  19. Black Chamomile Lavender Bum Bum
  20. Black Opium Type Warm Vanilla Sugar Type
  21. Black Ranger- Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies and Marshmallow Pound Cake
  22. Blackberry Champagne Toasted Frosty Fizzy Bubbly
  23. Blackberry Cobbler Kettle Corn Green Apple Candy Corn Cake Batter
  24. Blackberry Margaritas
  25. Blue Beard- Our more masculine version of Pink Mustache. Blue Sugar Pistachio and Savory Bakery
  26. Blue Raspberry Jello Coconut Extreme Sugared Shortbread Ambrosia
  27. Blue Sugar Lavender Cashmere Cedar
  28. Blueberry Lavender Pie Crust
  29. Blueberry Muffin
  30. Blueberry Muffins Toasted Mallo Apple Cider Leaves
  31. Blueberry Sugar Pancakes Coconut Cream Pie Vanilla Butter Fudge
  32. Bow Ties & Bourbon White Barn Type
  33. Brown Sugar Kolachies
  34. Bum Bum Cream Type
  35. Buttercream Frosting Pink Sugar Sugar Cookie Royale
  36. Buttermilk Pie Whole Vanilla Beans Sugar Cookie Royale
  37. Buttermilk Pie- Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust
  38. Buttery Gingerbread Ice Cream Scoop Bread Kettle Corn Vanilla Wafers
  39. By The Seashore
  40. Café C.
  41. Café C. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Yellow Cake Cream Cheese Frosting Pie Crust
  42. Café C. Spiced Oat Milk Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Toasted Mallo
  43. Café C. Spiced Oatmilk
  44. Cake Topper- White fluffy wedding cake with strawberry jam filling and buttercream frosting
  45. Cali Comfort-Strawberry Poundcake Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  46. Camp Crystal Lake-Sea Kelp Driftwood Sea moss and leaves
  47. Caramel Apple Green Apple Brown Sugar Candy Corn Rice Crispy Treats
  48. Carb Coma Spun Sugar
  49. Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Frosting Bear Claws Vanilla Butter Fudge
  50. Cashmere Cedar White Woods
  51. Cashmere Cream Beach Nights BBW Type Cotton Candy
  52. Chasing Fireflies-  Pink Sugar Lavender Mallo Fluff
  53. Cheese Cake Vanilla Ice Cream Cupcakes At Tiffanies Sugar Cookie Dough
  54. Cherry Blow Pops Grape Blowpops Fizzy Pop
  55. Cherry Frosted Zucchini Bread
  56. Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Float
  57. Cherry Yellow Cake Vanilla Butter Fudge Zucchini Bread
  58. Christmas Crunchies Vanilla Buttercream Frosting-Candy Canes Danish Butter Cookies Sugar Cookies Mallow Fluff
  59. Cider Lane BBW Type
  60. Cider Lane Hufflepuff- Fresh Baked Cookies Sweet Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Pasties
  61. Cinnamon Buns Coffee Bean
  62. Cinnamon Sugar Brown Sugar Kolachies
  63. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Therapy-
  64. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
  65. Coastal Kale
  66. Coastal Winds- Seaside Garden sandalwood Coconut Vanilla Jasmine & Lily
  67. Coconut Mango Water
  68. Coffee Bean Caramel Sugar Cookie Royale Sweet Cream
  69. Coffee Bean Sea Salt Caramel Yellow Cake Pretzel
  70. Coffee House Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles Books
  71. Cola Zucchini Bread Vanilla Ice Cream
  72. Cookie Cottage Café C. - Sugar cookie royale danish butter cookies sugared shortbread nilla wafer vanilla cookies sweet bakery dough)
  73. Cookie Cottage-sugar cookie royale danish butter cookies sugared shortbread nilla wafer vanilla cookies sweet bakery dough
  74. Cookie Crack Fresh Picked Strawberries
  75. Cookies With The Clauses Café C Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- Santa’s on Keto Mrs Claus Cookies and Sugar Milk
  76. Cookies With The Clauses-Santa’s on Keto Mrs Claus Cookies and Sugar Milk
  77. Cotton Candy Mac Apple Salty Sea Air Toasted Mallo
  78. Cotton Candy Peppermint
  79. Crackling Birch Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  80. Cranberry marmalade Cake Batter Spiced Pumpkin Cider
  81. Cranberry Marmalade Pumpkin Carvings Zucchini Bread Whole Vanilla Beans Pie Crust
  82. Cranberry Pomegranate Fizzy Pop
  83. Cream Cheese Frosting Sugar Cookie Royale Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  84. Cream Filled - Our house blend sweet cream Strawberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  85. Cream Filled Vanilla Birch- Our house blend sweet cream Strawberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  86. Cult-Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid! Blue Raspberry Hello Mountain Dew and Bubblegum
  87. Cupboard Under The Stairs Zucchini Bread- A Special Birthday Cake made up of Strawberry Cream and Crushed Nilla Wafers
  88. Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  89. Cupcakes at Tiffanies Lemon Pound Cake Cream Cheese Zucchini Bread
  90. Diagon Alley - Marshmallow Fireside Graham Crackers
  91. Down the Rabbit Hole
  92. Finklestein’s Lab-Frosty Fizzy Bubbly Cherries blonde moment and mountain dew soda
  93. Dream Weaver-Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
  94. Earl Grey Lavender Palo Santo
  95. Edible Undies - Pink Sugar and Spin cycle. Very strong clean scent
  96. Eggnog Toasted Mallo
  97. Emerald City- Baked Granny Smith Apple Pie topped with brown sugar on a pretzel crust
  98. Enchanted Pears- Pears Creamy Bakery
  99. Espresso Cinnamon Sugar Today Is Oct 3rd.- Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Toasted Mallo
  100. Fairy Tail-Pink Orchid Gardenia Bamboo Leaves
  101. Fall Vibes-  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Sugared Shortbread Mac Apple
  102. Flannel Sheets Autumn Flannel Type Leaves
  103. French Toast Buttery Gingerbread Caramelized Pears Whipped Cream
  104. Fresh Picked Strawberries
  105. Fresh Picked Strawberries Blueberry Muffin Vanilla Butter Fudge Sugar Cookie Royale
  106. Fresh Picked Strawberries Cotton Candy White Elephant Exchange
  107. Frosty’s Freeze - Buttermints Candy Cane Vanilla buttercream
  108. Fruit Loops
  109. Fruit Loops Buttercream Frosting Sweet Lavender
  110. Funnel Cake Cinnamon Sugar Donuts Brown Sugar Pie Crust
  111. Gain Fresh Picked Strawberries
  112. Garbage Pail Kids- Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Cookie Cottage
  113. Glinda-Strawberry Pop Rocks Passionfruit Yuzu and Guava
  114. Goodnight Moon-Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake
  115. Graboid - Zucchini Bread Pumpkin Souflee Fried Ice Cream
  116. Graphite Type Warm Vanilla Sugar Type
  117. Grinched-  Toasted Pistachio Vanilla Buttercream Waffle Cones
  118. Gummy Bears Jelly Beans Lollipops
  119. Haikyuu- Hawaiian Hibiscus Orange Sherbet
  120. Harvest Apple Bob-Mac Apple Fuji Apple Granny Smith
  121. Holiday Woods-Peppermints Vanilla and a hint of Fir trees. Don’t be scared by this scent. It is great!
  122. Horcrux - Sensual Amber Whipped Vanilla Patchouli Pink Orchid and Coconut Milk
  123. House Bunny Best Friends- Pink Frosted Cakes Blackberry Buttercream Frosting Mallo Fluff and Strawberry Sugar
  124. Huckleberry Harvest Angel Food Cake Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
  125. Hufflepuff Brown Sugar (Fresh Baked Cookies Sweet Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Pasties)
  126. I Put A Spell on You-Cinnamon Sugar (Not Spicy cinnamon) French Baguettes with our top secret bakery bomb blend
  127. I Smell Fall Almond Macaroon
  128. I’ll Get You My Pretty- Pistachio Macaroon with a pistachio coconut Mallo fluff center
  129. Ichabod Crane - Cinnamon Sugar Smoked Vanilla Pumpkin & Oud
  130. Island Fresh Gain
  131. Kolachies Roasted Pine Cones Cinnamon Sugar Toasted Mallo
  132. Kooky’s Kookies- Pink Sugar Serendipity and Vanilla Butter Fudge
  133. La Llorana- Seaside Cotton Rainstorm Frasier
  134. Laundry Lint- Sweater Weather Spearmint
  135. Lavender Cream Coconut Coast Bum Bum
  136. Lavender Don’t Cross Streams- Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  137. Lavender Mac Apple Pink Sugar
  138. Lavender Pink Sugar Strawberry Pound Cake
  139. Lavender Salty Sea Air
  140. Leia’s Donut Shop Sugared Shortbread-Cinnamon Buns of course Cheesecake Caramel coffee
  141. Lemon Cheesecake Wildberry Peach Nectar Whipped Cream Sugar Cookie Royale
  142. Lemon Curd Snuggle Island Fresh Gain
  143. Leviosa Today Is Oct. 3rd-Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Toasted Mallo Apple Cider Leaves and Spice
  144. Liana’s Lullaby
  145. Light House- Sea Air White Musk Lavender Cashmere Amber Tonka Cedar and Plum. AMAZING!
  146. Lily Of The Valley Beach Cabana Shea & Santal
  147. Lord Of Misrule Warm Vanilla Sugar Tonka Bean
  148. Love Affair-Warm Vanilla Sugar Shortbread Cookies Zucchini Bread
  149. Mac Apple Cotton Candy Funnel Cake Palo Santo
  150. Mango Cobbler Cupcakes At Tiffanies Summer Oranges
  151. Marshmallows By The Fireside Mischief Managed-
  152. Mexican Fried Ice Cream Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale
  153. Mischief Managed-A mystical Blend of Palo Santo Blue Sugar and Toasted Mallos
  154. Moonlight Beach Bonfire Today is Oct 3rd Cotton Candy
  155. Morgue - Kdye Melts Danish Butter Cookies Cotton Candy Cuppy Cakes
  156. Mulberry Enchanted Pears Sweet Bakery Dough Sweet Cream Yellow Cake- Pears and a creamy wonderful bakery scent
  157. Nana’s Cookies Cream Cheese Frosting Confetti Cake Pops
  158. Nectarine Blossom & Honey JM Type
  159. Oatmeal Milk & Honey Vanilla Frosting Pumpkin Cupcakes
  160. Orange Vanilla Coffee Snickerdoodle Pralines & Cream Pie Crust
  161. Oregon Autumn-Crisp Clean and fresh fallen leaves with a hint of rain.
  162. Palo Santo Roasted pine Cones Sugar Cakes- Fluffy Yellow Cake Batter with Whole Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting & Crushed Nilla Wafers on top
  163. Pazuzu-Bonfire Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Apple Cider
  164. Peach Nectar Pie Crust
  165. Peep Show - Coconut Cream Pie Peeps Salted Caramel 
  166. Peeps Sweet Bakery Dough Mallo Fluff Birthday Cake
  167. Peppermint
  168. Pine Aquaman-Ocean Waves and Sea Breezes
  169. Pink Champagne Mallo Raspberry Sugar
  170. Pink Chiffon Vanillary Cotton Candy
  171. Pink Frosted Animal Cookies Pink Frosted Cake Zucchini Bread
  172. Pink Frosted Cake
  173. Pink Frosted Cake Strawberry Pound Cake Waffle Cone
  174. Pink Frosted Cake Strawberry Sugar Pink Frosted Animal Cookies
  175. Pink Mustache-By far the most requested scent. Pink Sugar makes up the pink of pink mustache. Pistachio makes up the stache part and a secret savory scent makes up the rest.
  176. Pink Sugar Beach Nights BBW Type Blueberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies Birthday Cake
  177. Pink Sugar Bum Bum Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  178. Pink Sugar Palo Santo Patchouli
  179. Pink Sugar Roasted Pine Cones
  180. Pink Sugar Strawberry Pound Cake Cotton Candy
  181. Pink Sugar Sugar Coat It For Me- Cotton Candy Frosting Let Them Eat Cake Toasted Mallo Sugar Cookie Royale
  182. Pistachio Pudding Cake Don’t Cross Streams- Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  183. Pistachio Pudding Cake The Dolly Made Me Do It- Mix of our House Blends If these Dolls Could Talk and Lucky Charms. (Strawberry cotton candy strawberry white cake marshmallow and crunchy cereal piece
  184. Poison Apple Marshmallows By The Fireside
  185. Pretzel Bakery Bomb
  186. Pumpkin Crunch Cake Brown Sugar Pound Cake
  187. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  188. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Patchouli Vanilla
  189. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Pretzel Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale
  190. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Sugar Cakes Zucchini Bread-Fluffy Yellow Cake Batter with Whole Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting & Crushed Nilla Wafers on top
  191. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookie Royale Pecan Pie Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Pie Apple Pie Mallo Fluff
  192. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Almond Cookies
  193. Pumpkin Sugar Donuts Maple Cream Puff Zucchini Bread Waffle Cone
  194. Pumpkin Sugared Donuts Buttery Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls
  195. Pumpkin Sugared Donuts Sugar Cookie Royale Zucchini Bread
  196. Rain Water Blackberry Chocolate Orchid
  197. Red Bottoms-  Jet Puff Mallo Zucchini Bread Sugar Cookie Royale Wildberry Mousse Raspberry
  198. Roasted Pine Cones Mallo Fireside Sugar Cookie Royale Pink Sugar
  199. Rootbeer Float Extra Vanilla Ice Cream
  200. Rosemary Mint Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  201. Salt Water Taffy Zucchini Bread Twinkies Maraschino Cherry Mallo Fluff
  202. Salty Sea Air
  203. Santa’s on Keto Bum Bum (- Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies)
  204. Season Of The Witch-Our highly sought-after Apples and Leaves blend.
  205. Serendipity Almond Toasted Coconut Pie Crust
  206. Serendipity Cherry Chip Cake Sugar Milk
  207. Sled Lubricant- Peppermint Mint Ice Cream Noel
  208. Smoked Vanilla Today Is oct. 3rd- Palo Santo Toasted Mallo Sugar Cookie Royale
  209. Snooze Button-  Sweet Lavender Vanilla Bean Noel Buttermints
  210. Snow White’s Downfall Salty Sea Air
  211. So Fetch- Strawberry Pound Cake Today is Oct 3rd
  212. Soleil Blanc Lily Of The Valley
  213. Spiced Plum Frasier Fir Sugar Cookies
  214. Spiral Hill - Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies and Sugared Lemons
  215. Spun Sugar Sugar Milk Yellow Cake Cornbread Crumbles
  216. Strawberry Jam Blueberries & Cream Orange Sherbet Raspberry Whip Cherries Mallo Fluff
  217. Strawberry Jam Strawberry Pound Cake Fresh Picked Strawberries
  218. Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type Kettle Corn Pretzel Cupcakes At Tiffanies
  219. Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type Pretzel Kettle Vanilla Butter Fudge
  220. Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Cookie Cottage- Sugar cookie royale danish butter cookies sugared shortbread nilla wafer vanilla cookies sweet bakery dough)
  221. Strawberry Pound Cake Coconut Cream Pie Sugar Cakes-
  222. Strawberry Pound Cake Peach Nectar Nilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  223. Strawberry Pound Cake Strawberry Bread (Disco Oil)
  224. Strawberry Shortcakes- Vanilla Lace Strawberries & Cream
  225. Strawberry Zucchini Bread
  226. Sugar Cakes Zucchini Bread-Fluffy Yellow Cake Batter with Whole Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting & Crushed Nilla Wafers on top
  227. Sugar Coat It For Me - Cotton Candy Frosting Let Them Eat Cake Toasted Mallo Sugar Cookie Royale
  228. Sugar Cookie Royale
  229. Sugar Cookie Royale Pink Frosted Cake Cereal Bars
  230. Summer Scoops Strawberry Pound Cake Don’t Cross Streams- Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  231. Sweet Bakery Dough Angel Food Cake Fresh Picked Strawberries
  232. Sweet Bakery Dough Raspberry Zinger Lemon Pound Cake Raspberry Whip Vanilla Pound Cake
  233. Sweet Lavender Peppermint Beach Nights
  234. Sweet On Paris Blackberry Sugared Violets Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale
  235. Sweet Potato Cinnamon Sugar Sugar Cookie Royale
  236. Tea & Cakes
  237. The Burrow - Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls with extra Brown Sugar and Vanilla Frosting
  238. The Burrow-Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls with extra Brown Sugar and Vanilla Frosting
  239. THICK- Pistachio Pudding Cake Pretzel Brown Sugar Mexican Fried Ice Cream Amaretto
  240. Toasted Mallo Vanilla Bean Noel Mexican Fried Ice Cream Cornbread Crumbles
  241. Today Is Oct. 3rdCinnamon Sugar - Palo Santo Sugar Cookie Royale Toasted Mallo
  242. Unicorn Sprinkles Biolage
  243. Vanilla Balsam Eggnog Whole Vanilla Beans
  244. Vanilla Balsam Spiced Oatmilk
  245. Vanilla Birch Today Is Oct 3rdSmoked Vanilla-
  246. Vanilla Birch Vanilla Oak Toasted Mallo
  247. Vanilla Butter Fudge
  248. Vanilla Butter Fudge Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
  249. Vanilla Butter Fudge Pretzels
  250. VHS Tape-Fresh baked Bread Donuts Vanilla Bean Noel Pretzels
  251. Warm Vanilla Sugar Blue Sugar Zucchini Bread
  252. Water Horse Of Loch Ness-Also known as the Loch Ness monster. Evenings Seattle Rain Salty Sea Air
  253. Watermelon Fresh Picked Strawberries Lemonade
  254. Watermelon Salty Sea Air
  255. White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake Pie Crust Whipped Cream
  256. White Elephant Exchange-Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting
  257. Wild Passionfruit Type Unicorn Sprinkles
  258. Witch Bitch-Palo Santo hint of books smoke from the black flame candle oud and a touch of sweet vanilla
  259. Zen-Herbal Lavender Sugary Hard Candies and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy
  260. Zucchini Bread
  261. Zucchini Bread Sugar Cakes Pumpkin Sugar Donuts Buttermilk Pie-Fluffy Yellow Cake Batter with Whole Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting & Crushed Nilla Wafers on top Vanilla Custard Sugar Cookie Crème Brulee Pie Crust