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Cloud Cakes

  1. Sugared Shortbread Buttercream Frosting Hufflepuff
  2. Banana Cream Nilla Wafers
  3. Don't Cross Streams Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  4. Lucky Charms Don’t Cross Streams
  5. Bum Bum Pistachio Coconut Fluff
  6. White Woods
  7. Coconut Leaves Type
  8. Cocoa Butter Cashmere
  9. Cocoa Butter Cashmere Tonka Bean Pink Chiffon
  10. Tonka Bean Vanilla Bean Nectarine Tobacco
  11. White Tea Hawaiian Hibiscus Coconut Leaves
  12. Get in Loser - Bakery Bomb Pretzel Today is Oct 3rd
  13. Cancer Man - Lord of Misrule Black Amber and Vanilla
  14. Mayor of Halloween Town - Lord of Misrule Lush Type Lunar Eclipse
  15. Lord of Misrule Sugar Cookie Royale
  16. Don’t Cross Streams - Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  17. Naughty- Black Pepper bergamot pink sugar
  18. Luna- Soothing Lavender Let Them Eat Cake Warm Vanilla Sugar
  19. Strawberry Musk Smoked Vanilla
  20. Loves Baby Soft Freesia Viva la Juicy
  21. Flowerbomb Vanilla Birch Rice Flower Shea
  22. Bella Dove Winter Linen
  23. Frasier Fit Fig Tree Sugared Apple
  24. Pink Sugar Vanilla Balsam Strawberry Musk
  25. Cashmere Cedar Oud Wood Smoked Vanilla
  26. Black Cypress & Cassis Tayberry Teakwood Vanilla Birch
  27. Bella Fig Tree Wild Currant Sandalwood
  28. Miracle on 34th St Mallo Fireside
  29. White Elephant Exchange Black Vetiver Café
  30. Silent Night Twisted Peppermint
  31. Strax’s Acid Bath
  32. All is Calm Seattle Rain
  33. Black Opium Graphite Type Forevcer Red
  34. Candy Corn Cupcakes at Tiffanies Cream Cheese Frosting
  35. Cinnamon Sugar Glazed Donuts
  36. Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Vanilla Butter Fudge
  37. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Cinnamon Sugar Crème Brulee
  38. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Brown Sugar Pound Cake
  39. Candy Corn White Elephant Exchange
  40. Candy Corn Sugar Cookie



  1. A moment on the Lips - Birthday Cake Don’t Cross Streams (Ultimate Vanilla Blend) Sugared Blackberries
  2. Beauty Sleep- Lavender Cream Blueberries and Cream Cuppy Cake
  3. Chicks Did blondes- Chicks Dig it Blonde Moment
  4. Christmas Tree Topper-Crunch berry crisp butter cookies
  5. Cousin Eddie- Candy Canes Cotton Candy Frosted Sugar Cookies
  6. Cream Filled - Our house blend sweet cream Strawberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  7. Deep Throat- 1 000 kisses Shave Cream
  8. Dirty Blonde- Blonde moment lemon frosted lime cupcakes
  9. Dolly made me do it- Mix of our House Blends If these Dolls Could Talk and Lucky Charms
  10. Dreidel Dreidel- fresh baked bread cinnamon sugar Danish butter cookies
  11. Dumbledore’s Army  Lemon Drops and Love Spells
  12. Egon - Adipose Books and White Velvet 
  13. Evening Star- Lavender Waterlily and Sea Mist
  14. Faithful Handiman- This scent is a little but nutty just like Riff Raff Banana Nut Bread Zucchini
  15. Frosty’s Freeze- Buttermints Candy Cane Vanilla buttercream
  16. Gatekeeper - Adipose Pink Sugar
  17. Gilda & Gene- Strawberry Pie ala Mode
  18. Golden Ticket- Apples and Citrus
  19. Gozer - Adipose Pink Chiffon Lemon Curd
  20. Guinevere- Vanilla Lace Blonde Moment
  21. Hot Patootie- Hot Orange Danish Orange Chiffon Cake Orange Sherbet
  22. Hume & Jessica- Golden Amber Sugared Violets and Pink Sugar
  23. Isle of Avalon- Lunar Eclipse with a veil of Vanilla Sugar
  24. Key Master - Adipose Blue Sugar
  25. Lancelot- Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel and Cookie Dough
  26. Moose Mug- Eggnog Buttered Rum and Frangelico
  27. Mordred- Peeps Grape Soda Cotton Candy Frosting
  28. Morgan le Fey- Fairy Dust Bora Bora Pink berry Tonka Bean
  29. Muggle - Magical Lucky Charms Wildberry Mousse and Lemon Curd
  30. Naughty- Black Pepper bergamot pink sugar
  31. Night before Christmas - Fresh Baked Bread Butterscotch and Butterbrickle
  32. Oogie Boogie- Fluffy key lime cupcakes with buttercream whipped topping and candied limes
  33. Polar Express- Hot Chocolate Better than sex cake Tea cakes
  34. Reindeer Nose-Cherry Vanilla Gooey Marshmallow & Sugar Cookies
  35. Sally- Spun vanilla Sugar Pecan Bars Pie Crust and Vanilla Ice Cream
  36. Santa’s Sleigh Ride- Brandied Pear Cranberry Pomegranate
  37. Scrooged- Hot Orange Danish Kettle Corn Raspberry Zinger
  38. Scrumpdiddlyumptious- Chocolate nut Kandy bars with toffee and cookie dough
  39. Sonny & Cher- OJ Cake Rainbow Sherbet and Nectarine mint sorbet
  40. Spooky Mulder- Blackberries Pie Crust and Mystery...
  41. Sprinkles on Top - Vanilla Cupcakes Buttercream Sprinkles
  42. Strawberry Blonde- Fresh Picked Strawberries and Blonde Moment
  43. Sword of Damocles- Buttermints Vanilla Bean Noel Strawberries and Cream
  44. This is Halloween- Dreamsicle Fresh Picked Strawberries berry tea
  45. Tonks - Pink Sugar Bergamot
  46. Twilight Falls- Ocean Mist Soothing Lavender Rosemary Mint
  47. Uther Pendragon- Dragon fruit So White Lush type (orange citrus apple rose bergamot and neroli)
  48. Wet Bandits- Marshmallow Fireside Cranberry Christmas Trees
  49. Wonkavision- Strawberry Bread Cherry Chip Cake
  50. You Serious Clark? - eggnog peppermint marshmallow
  51. Zeddmore - Adipose and Twinkies


4 Pack Fluted Tarts

  1. Bellatrix- Oakmoss and Black Amber
  2. Blondie- Vanilla Bean Noel Sugar Milk Blonde moment
  3. Bogart & Bacall- Creamy Coconut Milk musk and Golden sands
  4. Cancer Man- Lord of Misrule Black Amber and Vanilla
  5. Chasing Fireflies- Pink Sugar Lavender Mallo Fluff
  6. Christmas Vacation- Cinnamon sugar green apples B-day cake
  7. Creature of the Night- You will get downright dirty with this mysterious blend of sweet and tart
  8. Dammit Janet- The perfect smell for the dainty yet dangerous lady Pink Sugar Lemon Sugar Mallo Fluff
  9. Day Dreaming- Sweet Lavender Peach Cobbler Cotton Candy
  10. Deadly Nightshade- Blackberry Jam Cranberries Strawberry Passion and a hint of something sinister
  11. Desi & Lucy- Cherry Chip Cake Lemon Poppyseed Muffins and Brown Sugared Cake bites
  12. Ditzy Blonde- Fruit Loop Blonde Moment
  13. Don’t Cross Streams- Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream
  14. Dreamweaver- Lavender Cream Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
  15. Elfing Around- Cotton Candy Frosting jet puffed Mallo Rice crispy treats
  16. Excalibur- Fresh from the forge in Avalon Cold Steel and Dragon’s blood (This is a masculine Earthy Scent)
  17. Expecto Patronum- White Woods Peppermint
  18. Feliz Navidad- Churros Mexican Fried Ice cream Tres Leches
  19. Frenchie- Pink Sugar Blonde Moment
  20. Goodnight Moon- Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake
  21. Holiday Woods- Peppermints Vanilla and a hint of Fir trees
  22. Ice Princess- Pink Sugar Peppermint
  23. Janine-Adipose Bubble Gum
  24. Jolly Old Elf- Cranberries White Velvet Bow 
  25. King Arthur- Juniper berries Sage Dew Creamy Vanilla and Pheromones
  26. Lighting the Menorah- strawberry jam filled donuts topped with icing and a sprinkle of sugar on top
  27. Lock Shock & Barrel- Sweet Tarts Taffy Lollipops and frosting
  28. Merlin- Love Spells and Blue Sugar
  29. Misfit Toys- candy canes toasted marshmallow cotton candy frosting kettle corn
  30. Moonlight Serenade -Pink Sugar Sweet Lavender Strawberry Fluff Smoothies
  31. Mr Sandman- Lavender Biscotti Lemon glaze and Heavy Whipping Cream
  32. Mr X-Starfruit Mango Bakery Bomb and crushed blueberries
  33. Nice- Pink Sugar Chiffon
  34. Nimbus 2000- Not just a broomstick it’s a Nimbus 2000! Driftwood Birch Branches and Sage
  35. Olivanders- Silver Burch Branches White Velvet and Cranberries 
  36. Platinum- Blonde moment white cake and cream
  37. Polyjuice Potion- Take on Anyone’s Appearance with this sweet and fruity Fizzy Bubbly
  38. Pure Imagination- Whipped Raspberry frosting overtop Tart lemon cookies
  39. Sandy Claws- Eggnog vanilla marshmallow smoothies
  40. Save the Cheerleader- Strawberry Taffy Bread
  41. Saved by Zero- Marshmallow cereal tangerine and lemon
  42. Science Fiction Double Feature-Strawberry Bread Lemon Poppyseed Muffin
  43. Silver & Gold- Pretzel Apple butterscotch cake Butterbrickle
  44. Silver Bells- white velvet bow vanilla patchouli 
  45. Skinner- Blue Sugar Mallo Fluff vanilla wafers
  46. Sled Lubricant- Peppermint Mint Ice Cream Noel
  47. Sleigh Rides-Winter Candy Apple Peppermint Sweater Weather
  48. Slimer- Adipose Key Lime Pie
  49. Snug in their Beds- Vanilla Lace/Snuggle Type/Frasier Fir
  50. Sorting Hat- Smells like Breakfast in the great hall! Sweet Apple Cinnamon Pecan Waffles and Rich Vanilla Syrup
  51. Stantz- Adipose Pina Colada and Pistachio Macaroon
  52. Stardust- Lunar Eclipse Fairy Dust Cotton Candy Frosting
  53. Stay Puft­Adipose and Lucky Charms (Ultimate Marshmallow Scent)
  54. Sugar Coated- Spun Sugar Crystals Let them eat Cake
  55. Sunset Silhouette- Lavender Cream Hello Lover Cotton Candy Frosting
  56. Tree Catastrophe- Red Hot Candies and Marshmallow Smoothie
  57. Twilight Zone-Raspberry Zinger Bakery Bomb Best Friends
  58. Venkman- Adipose Pheromones Sugar Cookie
  59. Vigo- Adipose Vanilla Oak and Red Apples
  60. Violet you’re turning violet- Blueberry Cobbler Pretzels Blackberry Jam
  61. Whoever heard of a Snozberry- White tea berries and melon
  62. Whoville- Pink Sugar Marshmallow Cookies
  63. William- Bite Me Lollipops and Booberry Cereal
  64. Zen- Herbal Lavender Sugary Hard Candies and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy


Harvest Cakes $8.00

  1. Almond Macaroon White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  2. Black Cherry Merlot Leaves
  3. Cookies with the Clauses- Santa’s on Keto Mrs Claus Cookies and Sugar Milk
  4. Beach Night Mac Apple Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  5. Buttermint Peppermint Sugared Shortbread Sugar Cookie Royale
  6. Sanderson Sisters - Smoke from the black flame candle pumpkin seeds oud and candy corn
  7. Basic Witch
  8. Pumpkin Eggnog
  9. Pumpkin Cheesecake Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies
  10. Coffee Bean Brown Sugar Eggnog
  11. Brown Sugar Zucchini Bread


Pumpkin & Leaves

  1. Amber White Blackberry Pink Sugar
  2. Autumn Flannel Palo Santo Fireside
  3. Banana Brown Sugar Kolachies
  4. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Toasted Mallo Cookie Therapy
  5. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
  6. Plum Cinnamon Sugar Sugared Shortbread
  7. Cake Batter Sweet Cream Whole Vanilla Beans
  8. Winter Snooze - Icy peppermint herbal lavender chamomile
  9. VHS Tapes I Put a Spell on You (Fresh baked Bread Donuts Vanilla Bean Noel Pretzels Cinnamon Sugar (Not Spicy cinnamon) French Baguettes, with our top secret bakery bomb blend)
  10. Christmas at the Cabin - Wood smoke freshly cut Christmas trees and sweet cinnamon sticks
  11. Cinnamon Sticks Frasier Fir Trees
  12. Lavender White Elephant Exchange (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  13. Monster Jam
  14. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Leaves
  15. Season of the Witch I Put a Spell on You (Apples Leaves Cinnamon Sugar (Not Spicy cinnamon) French Baguettes, with our top secret bakery bomb blend)
  16. Sweet Cream Cupcakes at Tiffanies Strawberry Pound Cake
  17. Sweet Lavender Peppermint Boardwalk Mallo Clouds



  1. Frosted Juniper Seattle Rain
  2. Banana Nut Bread Bum Bum Butterbrickle
  3. Banana Nut Bread Zucchini Bread Cider Donuts Buttered Popcorn
  4. Blue Sugar Zucchini Bread Warm Vanilla Sugar
  5. Blueberry Sugar Waffle Cone Confetti Sprinkles
  6. White Elephant Exchange Kolachies Zucchini Bread (Powdered Donuts Vanilla Wafers White Cake Vanilla Frosting)
  7. The Whole Cookie Jar- Cookie therapy Sugar Cookie Dough Pink Frosted Animal Cookies
  8. Strawberry Pound Cake Santa’s on Keto (Vanilla ice cream Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Cookies & Brown Sugar Butter Cookies)
  9. Very Merry Unbirthday -Lemon Pound Cake Strawberry Whipped Frosting Cream Cheese Filling
  10. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Cappuccino Brulee


Boujee Bars

  1. Cider Lane Sugar Cookie Dough
  2. Cornbread Whole Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie Dough
  3. Cornbread Zucchini Bread Cinnamon Rolls
  4. Cotton Candy Mallo Fluff Salty Sea Air Blue Spruce
  5. Don’t Cross Streams Santa’s On Keto (Adipose Vanilla Cookies Vanilla Wafer Vanilla Ice Cream Brown Sugar Butter Cookies)
  6. Emerald City
  7. Espresso Brown Sugar Pound Cake
  8. Fat Bottom Girls
  9. Fat Bottom Girls - We are making the rockin world goes round with this ultimate bakery blend
  10. Father Christmas
  11. Fluffy Towels
  12. Fra-Gee-Lay - Frosted Juniper & Cranberry
  13. Freak Show
  14. Gain Island Fresh
  15. Goodnight Moon Rainstorm (Pink Sugar Chiffon Soothing Lavender Pink Frosted Cake)
  16. Grindlewald
  17. Han Shot First
  18. Herbal Lavender Fizzy Soda
  19. Hufflepuff Cider Lane
  20. Lavender Cream Rose Jam Don’t Cross Streams
  21. Leaves Cider Lane Toasted Mallo
  22. Mac Apple Today is Oct 3rd
  23. Mac Apple Zucchini Bread
  24. Maraschino Cherry Moody with a Booty
  25. Pistachio Pudding Cake Espresso Sweet Cream
  26. Pumpkin Apple
  27. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies Zucchini Bread
  28. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Espresso
  29. Rosemary Mint Boardwalk Mallo Clouds
  30. Strawberry Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  31. Strawberry Pound Cake Cupcakes at Tiffanies
  32. Vanilla Balsam Don’t Cross Streams
  33. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Cider Lane Palo Santo
  34. Pumpkin Apple Leaves