25 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar



This is L3's 9th annual advent calendar. This Advent calendar contains 25 decorated boxes each marked with a date 1 through 25. Inside each box is 1 holiday/winter/Christmas tart. Shapes, Sizes and Colors will vary and you may get repeating shapes through out the box however there is a large assortment of shapes. Picture is an example of a previous year

Each day of the count down contains one unique Advent blend. Everyone opening that day will get the same blend. Please do not post the blends or the shapes before each the days. For instance please do not post Day 25 tart and scent on Day 1 it can ruin the surprise for everyone. Boxes are hand made!. If opened carefully you can reuse them. Pictures are examples of previous years tarts, scents will not be the same!

In addition to 25 tarts each box comes with one surprise gift inside!