Hello Sugar Bundt Sampler (Sometimes referred to as Hello Lover BBW Type Lemon Sugar with a bit of shortbread)

Scent: Sampler

Each sampler contains 8 Bundts. 1  Bundt in each of the following scents. Each  Bundt weighs on average 2.5 oz but can vary. These are approx weights only. 

1.      Hello Sugar Pink Sugar Pink Chiffon Sugar Cookie Royale

2.      Apple Jack & Raspberry Hello Sugar Fresh Pickled Strawberries

3.      Sweet On Paris Hello Sugar

4.      Sugared Violet Hello Sugar Pink Sands

5.      Strawberry Pound Cake BBW Type Hello Sugar Boardwalk Mallo Clouds

6.      Lavender Cotton Candy Craze Hello Sugar- Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Frosting Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

7.      White Cake Hello Sugar Nilla Wafers

8.      Bubble Gum Hello Sugar Blonde Moment Fizzy Pop